Ranking of Kings #13 — “Oh Right, My Secret Magic Bladders!”

January 13th, 2022


So, does the one straw go to all the bladders? Is she completely wrapped in plumbing?


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This remains the best comedy of the season, despite in no way, shape, or form being a comedy. I don't know any other way you're supposed to take dialogue like:
Dude: "You have usurped the throne, opened a gateway to hell, filled the castle with monsters!"
Witch: "Yeah, cause I want to do evil."

Or when the queen suddenly remembers "Oh, right. I totally forgot that I am literally full of healing potions." Then we get a flashback to the mirror explicitly plotting to murder the first queen in front of an entire crowded room, immediately followed by Queen #2 immediately realizing the mirror is evil thanks to her spidey sense and demanding it be disposed of… so of course that ends with it installed in her child's room, apparently. Yeah. All this tracks and makes complete sense.

And this is when it isn't pulling almost Austin Powers things where the baddies wait until the good guys are nearly defeated, then turn their backs and placidly wander off, content in their clear victory and willing to give long speeches about just how clear and inevitable their victory will be and how they no longer need to stay and watch over their clear and inevitable victory. We are so close to flat out parody here, but the show itself not realizing it is also part of what makes it so amusing.


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