Ranking of Kings #12 — The Betrayal Carousel

January 6th, 2022


Where'd all the Thursday shows go?


There are fewer screencaps because the show considered the one week off worthy of a goddamned five minute recap of the entire first season. But a shorter episode only means that the writing would be slightly less insane. The Ginyuu Force immediately starts trying to betray everybody before suddenly realize "Oh, wait. This hall of monsters we're in is… full of monsters!" Then we cut away to the foppish dude for a story about his super horse which has turned into a hippo. Why not some fat horse jokes? Seems logical to me. This was a baffling five minutes all around.

We eventually return to the Ginyuu Force, where after having decided not to betray everybody, they decide to betray everybody and the rest of the episode is spent with them betraying each other, like some kind of demented backstabbing merry go round. Yes, one of them even has timestop powers. When we Ginyuu Force, we Ginyuu Force the whole way. The best part is that they completely forgot to do any kind of backstory for the one that got most backstabbed, so here's a flashback out of nowhere to celebrate… uh… I think we saw his name a whole one time, so let's call him Old King McStabby (yes, I know it's right there on the screencaps, shut up). Poor McStabby. A disappointment to his dead father. He's with the monster snakes now.

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