Futsal Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #01 — “Hey guys! how are you?”

January 9th, 2022


Now that's a byline.


And here we have the world's most generic sports show. Overly serious dude who takes the game too seriously and is not a team player has a meet cute with a free spirited dude who comes from some random other hobby but is an instant genius at the sport. They meet some bullies and defeat them by standing up to them and having solid fundamentals. The funniest part is that they don't even acknowledge that they're playing some fringe sport. It straight up pretends like futsal is a world famous thing that everybody knows about, cares about, that there are groups of futsal bullies roaming the land, inflicting their cruel futsal skills on children and unsuspecting teenagers, etc, but also know all the teenage superstars by sight and are so scared of their l33t futsal skills that they run off in terror at the sight of them. They are, of course, aspiring to win the nationals.

It is not a serious show, and it is not well put together in pretty much any way. Every now and then, you can see that somebody on staff wants it to be one of the over the top sports shows where they have magical skills or the like; a dude is a martial arts master with iron hands because that's what goalies are, another dude turns into a dragon then turns the ball into a dragon to shoot it, but those are just random weird moments in an otherwise fairly grounded show. Well, as grounded as you can be when a dude is doing a frontflip on a bike set to emotional music for the meet cute. It also doesn't really teach you much about futsal, which only contributes to my suspicions that this was first Generic Sports Show and they decided which sport it was later. I don't want to learn fun facts about futsal either, granted, but at least dance with the one who brought you instead of pretending like you're dating her hotter, more popular older sister, Soccer.


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