Akebi’s Reincarnated Bisque Doll #02 — Lips Inc

January 15th, 2022


We found this production team's fetish.

The telop on the right side of the screencaps is a tsunami warning from the surprise volcano, because the world isn't experiencing enough apocalypses yet.
Edit: Apparently some (all?) of the broadcasts of Miss Kuroitsu were pre-empted due to the tsunami stuff. It airs quite late on a Saturday night, which generally means delayed to show up on the internet to begin with. That may mean that the simulcast-that-is-actually-hours-later-so-not-simul-in-any-way is also canceled for the week, but who knows. Find out in a couple hours, I guess! 


I flipped through three shows this morning, and consider this a catch-all for Akebi, Bisque Doll, and that godawful sage reincarnation one because this had the most interesting screencaps. They fought a giant snake in the sage one, and it still looked more like garbage than this show, and most of its second episode was spent doing a meet and greet around school where the dude could tell everybody that he's the best at everything. Bisque Doll, on the other hand, dropped all pretenses of being wholesome or innocent in any way and did a full striptease scene that was more animated than the entire giant snake fight, though in its own way, also featured a dickless eunuch struggling with a serpent and a lot of misplaced blood. The striptease was then followed by splayed leg sitting, lots of jiggling physics, and giggling about how many boners he was giving him by shoving her cleavage in his face like it was auditioning for a spot in Girls Gone Wild. This was all for a measurement scene that would consume a third of the episode, and not at all gratuitous, creepy, or gross in any way, shape or form. 

Akebi, on the other hand, continues to be lragely anodyne, but failing to catch my interest. Its greatest sin was a 90 second recap of the first episode. Not that much happened, guys. You don't need to spend almost 10% of the episode reviewing it. Well, the hyper-sexualized lip scene was also a bit weird. But I don't know what I'd say its greatest success was either. Probably just the raw animation on display. …Mostly on the hyper-sexualized lip scene. I just don't find the story of "Can an outgoing, social person get along with other outgoing, social people?" to be interesting in the slightest. She feels a little awkward now and then and… that's kind of it, which, yeah, I get is also the point. It's supposed to be feel good, but even old British shows about quaint shepherds have more meat to them than this does.

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