A Genius Prince Etc Etc #01 — Zoom In Zoom Out

January 11th, 2022


Why are we doing this?


Boy, somebody putting together this show sure loves to zoom in and out on things. CG things. I would normally say that it's the director, bored and trying to do something… anything to liven things up, but I kind of suspect that it might be that the animators told him that's the only thing they could do. I have no idea why that is the only thing they can animate. If it's not zooming in or out on random things, it's CG pawns scooting around on a half-assed CG map. 

Unfortunately, the humor is in the same bag. It thinks that it's going for a "suffering from success" kind of gag, but there are quite literally only two jokes here, and neither of them are ever told well or even more than two or three times, which may actually be something of a blessing in disguise. First, that he throws a tantrum, either out loud or internally. Second, that everybody outside of himself and his harem were completely incompetent. Note the tense there, though certainly in the present too. The battle is won because all of a sudden, they remembered that the enemy army gave all their training and equipment budget to the other side years ago. Then they just randomly skip over the next quest they spent goddamn five minutes expositing about and say "Oops, we won offscreen somehow." Was this supposed to be a joke?

It needs to commit to either side. Go full tactical genius with genuine interesting battles/politics/etc, or full wacky over the top nonsense Keroro meets this stupid nation building trend. Half assing both and playing some emotional music to pretend like there's also romance is not the way.


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  • NeclordX says:

    That was the most low effort opening Ive seen in a while. It was all close ups of character talking. If they were gonna make an opening only with sequences of the show at least they could have pick, you know, some actual sequences and not faces talking

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