takt op.Destiny #11 — Cast Roundup

December 14th, 2021


There should be at least 2FA for starting an apocalypse.


Gee, here I was wondering if we would even see that one stupid rape-bait musicart again. Very nice of her to show up just to job to a couple random monsters… again. She truly has been a key part of this show. Anyway, the show continues to be more concerned with playing up how much of a martyr Takt is than doing anything else, and it continues to do it ineffectually every step of the way. Now we want to cryogenically freeze them, except wait, the Nazi dude unleashed the super apocalypse because… why the hell not, I guess? So it's time to rush right back so we can give about our third speech about sacrificing yourself set to tragically heroic music.

The real kicker here is that it makes no sense for Takt and Destiny to even be the ones to deal with any of this. They've shown themselves to be mediocre to poor in every fight and at every step of the way. It's not like there are no other magical girls around to deal with this. They go out of their way to show that there's an entire goddamned pack of them already there. Which makes as much sense as the fusion scene between Heaven and Hell. Here's some random missiles for some reason. Not shooting at anything in particular. Just needed to pad out the scene for another 15 seconds and create some smoke for a dramatic reveal. And who doesn't love missiles? So why not? Why not anything? 


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  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Also, why did Anna kiss Takt? Those two have had zero sexual tension the entire series, it might even be in the negatives, and she just goes “And I don’t even know why I kissed you,” like something out of a cornball romcom.

    Like, I at times legitimately forget that he’s not their brother.

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