Ranking of Kings #11 — The Ginyuu Force Arrives!

December 23rd, 2021




I'm not even sure I can adequately say why this nonsense is a bit more palatable than takt op's or Sakugan's. Probably because it's not trying to make me get all weepy and emotional. It's more like a clown car of story developments crashing into a banana farm instead of into an orphanage. The first half of the episode was clearly meant to round out Daida, the Joffrey of the story, by… let me check my notes… showing that he was always an arrogant, egotistical, sociopathic brat with no empathy for anybody. But back in the present, he fights off the hundreds of victims of the mirror witch in a hell world, who took revenge on her by stealing her hands and face, which was also prevenge because it's also her origin story, and by taking her side in hell world, he soothed her soul in the real world. Uh, yeah, sure. Go on. Bathe me in your nonsense.

Then we get to the second half and move from a character study of crazy lunatics to a hojillion random plot elements thrown in at random. The witch is Sith seducing that one dude for no particular reason. A veritable Ginyuu Force of randos has escaped hell's hell-prison and somehow teleported straight to the castle's basement. Literally everybody immediately and automatically knows this because, uh, it moves the plot along, I guess. This is also an excuse to invade and conquer the kingdom, except that the Ginyuu Force already conquered the kingdom offscreen while you weren't watching, so now the mirror is going to fight… the queen? Oh, and did I mention that one dude is a cyborg now? My god, it really is Mad Libs all up in this writing room. 


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