Ranking of Kings #10 — Paid Actors

December 16th, 2021


I hope you sterilized that needle.


Of all the strange things and developments that this show pulls, one of the least unbelievable is that the huckster fraud's successful training would be to just unconvincingly lie about all of it. Which I suppose makes the real question whether or not we're supposed to be taking the nonsense lying at face value, or if the writing had been bad enough that it comes out the other side and it was not meant to be a lie at all. But sure, we can say that he has magical powers now to instantly defeat anybody with a single touch, and he also secretly had training with that hydra snake in the past that gave him psychic powers which we forgot to ever bring up before. Why not? And it only took him, what, a week to master the Touch of Instant Defeat that nobody else can use? Sure, guys.

That said, it was another quite boring episode, especially through the second half, which was mostly spent in flashbacks, sitting around, waiting for something to happen that might kick his side of the story into gear again. And so we sit and wait patiently… until the episode just ends. Are we going anywhere with this? Are we just biding our time until the New Years break? I'm tired of looking at this dude's giant puffy pants.

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