Ranking of Kings #09 — Awkwaaaaaard!

December 9th, 2021


Life in the castle is pretty goofy.


It's geting increasingly difficult to talk about this show without coming off as sarcastic, but it may be what I'm genuinely enjoying the most, albeit certainly more as a comedy than it is clearly meant. It's certainly been maintaining its animation quality more than Wit shows normally do, and I enjoyed random dude brawling with random monsters more than takt op's super ultra dramatic nonsense this week. Still, you can't help but laugh when it cuts to all the guards looking at each other awkwardly as the queen screams about her son being inside… her son's body. In the last 24 hours, they watched the kid crush a wooden club into a diamond, hauled a pack of dead possessed demonic goats out of the throne room, oversaw the boy king dancing with a possessed mannequin with the lady from a cursed mirror that is being carried everywhere, and took it in stride when everybody started calling the boy king by the old king's name. But a woman being hysterical about it? Yo, man. Awkwaaaaaaaaard!

That said, it was a pretty uneventful and dull episode that didn't really cover much ground. I couldn't even tell you if this bald dude was in the show this week, but I guess we're getting his backstory? And the queen's for some reason? Neither are interesting or contain any particular revelations though. I will say that when I glanced at the manga pre-season, a lot of chapters of it were like that. Just some vignette of a random person for no reason, and I'm pretty sure much of the queen's here was from around chapter 3 which we thankfully had passed over previously. Then for some reason, we get a very brief backstory about how the demon goats are actually tragically brainjacked and like to share pudding normally or some crap. Definitely feel like we're meandering a bit and padding things out even though there's not actually any kind of resolution or ending in sight.


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