Ranking of Kings #08 — Kill the Messenger

December 2nd, 2021


I feel like if your baby is the relative size of a gerbil, you would not have even noticed you were pregnant.


So… The castle is now filled with monsters and nobody notices? Okay, sure. The princeling now carries around a club ten times his size with supernatural strength and nobody thinks anything of it? Yeah, that makes sense. The 'good' queen demands the immediate public execution of the kid who returns covered in wounds reporting that someone else assassinated her stepson? Why not? The princeling's royal guard now carries around an evil mirror everywhere and everyone thinks that's fine? Yep. All right. Sounds good. Boss/Daida is counter-plotting against the mirror by theatrically whispering to them in front of it? I don't see how this would not work.

Yes. Pile on the nonsense. It succors me. After a couple days of training, the weakest child in the world has mastered everything and is now the strongest child in the world? Whatever you say. At least we're moving in some direction. Or more exactly, directions. Apparently with a story entirely driven by random dice rolls where nothing makes sense and the points are made up. But we are moving. No goddamned visits to the cake store or dressup montages. Just random monsters roaming everywhere and less subtlety than a rotting whale carcass for developments that still somehow take every character by surprise. You know, anime industry, there's a middle ground between these two extremes. It's a very nice middle ground. We should visit it some time. I'll bring the popcorn.

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