Sakugan #06 — Kill All Orphans

November 11th, 2021


What is this, Orphan Abuse Week?


This has not been a good week for social services in anime. First yesterday's mass kidnapping and trafficking of orphan girls, and now today's society if run by King Ben Shapiro. It's such a comically evil stance that we as a society should be murdering orphans because they're not hard workers like fine and upstanding citizens. Not even cloaked under any kind of auspices like just relocating them or anything. Straight up purging the undesirables for being poor and destitute. And the crowd cheers it because the writers have that little respect for nuance or the audience. What is it with the writing this season?

But the casual orphan mass killing isn't even the weirdest part of the episode. Nor was it the Fujiko knockoff woman coming back just to sit in a corner and announce that she too is in this episode, then proceed to do absolutely nothing. It's not even that they supposedly fixed all the planned orphan murder by leaking an embarrassing video of the president, which… uh… somehow cancels all programs of orphan murder after one of said orphan terrorists blacked out the entire city and got into a fight using high caliber weaponry in the middle of downtown. It's this one tiny bit right in the middle of two shadowy figures apparently hanging around the leaky pipes from last week, who has special child-sensing powers. Absolutely nothing to do with this episode. Just basically a tease for, uh, some future episode, I guess, halfway through this one. Is this being storyboarded by chimps?


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