Ranking of Kings #07 — Mincing and Prancing

November 25th, 2021


I am suspicious of the effeminate dude pulling a small child into a secret room to 'train' him. 


Did the script of this show get mixed up with the script of Sakugan's? That one had all the out of control nonsense while this one spent the entire thing doing schtick and going nowhere. Half the episode passed and they were still on the doorstep, doing jokes about how the guy looked silly, was petty and greedy, and did not seem to have any actual talent at all, something that would remain in doubt for the entire episode. You'd think at some point they'd reveal that the seemingly nonsense that he was putting him through was actually some kind of test or practice to improve, but they forgot to even start with that, let alone get to that point. I guess saving it for some other episode to make more time for all the mincing. There was a calisthenics montage, but it's not even clear if that was part of the training or just him wandering off randomly as he has been doing since the first episode.

I suppose there was also the bit in the middle that went completely off the rails where they decided that because he can eat disgusting things, he must be a secret giant. A secret tiny giant. Born from humans. This would rank as the strangest part of the episode, barely beating out the moment when the dude dick-slapped the kid. Yes. You read that right. Bojji tried to walk away, so he stood in front of him, and made him boing off his crotch. Also, Daida is apparently now possessed by his dead father, or probably some ancestor, which again, begs the question as to why they bothered with any of the manipulating him in the first place, but he only showed up for about 15 seconds of the episode anyway. Had to make time for the dickslapping, after all.

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  • Marmot says:

    Bojji’s parents are giants, though. King Bosse was a giant, and his mom was a giant too. As established last episode, Bojji has curse on him which is causing him to stay small and powerless.

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