Ranking of Kings #04 — Feather King Moon Dance

November 4th, 2021


Okay, why?


My patience with this show would have definitely run its course by this episode if the rest of this season wasn't similarly struggling with having any kind of story or plot. So much of this episode just begs the question "Why the hell did this scene exist?" He runs off an loses his bag which had some important letter in it… then five minutes later, they find it sitting in the middle of a random path. Nothing about this is ever mentioned or comes up again. He falls into a pit which is a trap set by a crazy hunter king or something who demands he dance the dance of moon madness with him, then threatens to kill the kid so he runs away and… that's it. Segment over. Crazy dude forgotten and not to be mentioned again.

Soo all the 'main' part of the episode is tucked away in the last 90 seconds or so. Dude throws kid into volcano, but actually, the evil mirror gives Not-Joffrey literally Pandora's Box, who he immediately throws open, unleashes a torrent of evil, and upon realizing it was a dream, throws his second tantrum of the episode and demands a double literal deal with the devil. My god. Even Ursula the Sea Witch had more depth and moral complexity than this brat.   

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