World’s Greatest Assassin #03 — Power Levels and Underage Incest

October 20th, 2021


Very subtle.

Sorry I'm a bit delayed today. I woke up at 4:30 am to deal with… how to put it… a dog poop explosion. It wasn't her fault and she's fine once the beeping piece of garbage that was terrifying her was removed. Cleaning while also juggling meetings on only a few hours of sleep has been… exhausting.


I really want this show to not suck, but goddamn, does it seem to have a bloody minded determination to disappoint me. I would love a show like Princess Principal or Release the Spyce with a greater focus on over the top action and less on stupid drama and friendship, but instead, we are three episodes in and all that it promised in its opening segment is still missing while instead being absolutely goddamned mired in every horrid reincarnation and light novel trope imaginable.

It's not even that he's a walking demigod, or that his secret sister clearly wants to doink him, or the ridiculous execution bit with a slavering raving lunatic to show how dark and serious he is. It's that it's going SO… GODDAMNED… SLOW. An entire episode on how he's reincarnated. Another episode about how the scouting stone says that his power level is over 9,000. They haven't even gotten to the start of the first story, let alone any kind of character development, to say nothing of a character arc. I don't feel like I'm asking for the world here! I'm perfectly capable of enjoying things like Tokyo Ravens, Chrome Shelled Regios, or Assassin's Pride. At least tried. 

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