takt op.Destiny #04 — Sin City

October 26th, 2021


What happens in Vegas stays in the training arc.


We're four episodes in. I'm frustrated that we're still mired in what is essentially a goddamned training arc listening to speeches about how they need to work together better. It'd be more at least a little more tolerable if Takt wasn't a glorified pokemon trainer, doing a little dance on the sideline with no discernable effect or purpose, or if their failures were as part of some story it was telling, but neither of those things are the case. Same goes for the side characters, who continued to just be vectors for exposition. You can faff all you want about how they're not working together, or are working together, with as many musical terms thrown in as you want, but you're still doing it about quite literal random monsters in a field that you're killing out of boredom.

Tell some kind of goddamned story. We're traveling across rural America, murdering the local wildlife as we go. Hell, we're in Vegas, and all we do here is visit a corn farmIn the last six minutes of the episode, we kick down the doors to a casino to kill a handful of roly polys that were in the basement. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the corn farm that we were visiting. Hell, I'm not even sure the main characters knew that the one corrupt dude existed at all. Was he seriously supposed to be the non-bug antagonist of the episode?

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