Sobby Boy #11 — Kerbal Space Program

September 23rd, 2021


What, is it clearing time on all unused songs commissioned for the show?

Season preview should be up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Probably. Before October at any rate.


It feels a bit weird to call this a very uneventful episode, but it really was. We start out with a four minute long insert song and montage funeral for the manic pixie girl, because apparently falling off a cliff in magic land is definitely death. Not only that, but we're just going to take the word of a letter from the crazy cult people who dragged her off. This all definitely seems on the level. Oh, then they explain that the cat told them she's dead. Yeah, definitely all makes total sense.

Anyway, the actual episode is ostensibly about the two island people building a spaceship to go home… somehow. I feel like I missed a key explanation somewhere. So the Indian guy who is a font of exposition comes back and proceeds to explain everything. And by everything, I mean a stream of consciousness stories about the worlds he visited in the two millenia he was gone. Right, it's been 2,000 years, apparently. I'm pretty sure that entire ten minutes was just the writer dumping out the various ideas they had that didn't make the final cut. So they launch into space and… uh… are now in space? But they left behind the gorilla fur that always smells the same as a gift for the Indian dude. Uhhhhh, right. Obviously. Clearly. 


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