Sobby Boy #10 — Random Montage Go!

September 16th, 2021


Oh crap, we've got an insert song and CDs to sell!


Once again, the show casually drops things like "Oh, the cult teacher has been training us, and we've rendezvoused with other people and are read to embark to battle," and "War threatens God, so we need you to become Death Incarnate," but those are not the focus of the episode at all. Instead, this week we switch gears again to a completely random girl who's apparently a secret telepath who's been spying on everybody, knows pretty much everything that's going on, and has built up her own personal imagined relationship with the Wonderboy, because that's not creepy at all. And yet, the weirdest part of the episode is a montage in the middle set to a completely random insert song.

Anyway, he drags her along with his attempted harem to go kill War in a dead world, and instead find a dead dude endlessly falling, and as soon as Evil Teacher reveals that the girl is telepathic, he jumps straight into her boobs. Seems like it might've been a good time to tell him that she hates him and is manipulating him, huh? The manic pixie girl yells at him again, so they decide to mercy kill the dead dude, at which point she falls off a cliff. Which leads to the reveal that it was Cat Girl who was making everything immortal by slaughtering chickens. The reveal, I mean. Not slaughtering chickens to make other things immortal. Sure, Sonny Boy. Whatever you say. Did the telepath girl even have a name? What ever happened to Star Boy? Didn't he have his own cult, or did they join cults? Wasn't he talking to a different god? Where is anything even going?

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