Battle in Five #10 — Violence Against the Elderly

September 13th, 2021


Lotta elder abuse this week.


Well, I guess we finally got those two side characters doing… something… which was badly overdue, but whereas it was the animation that really let down last week's episode, this time it was more of… well, kind of everything. Wrestleman was definitely the worse of the two by a long margin. He pretty much just stood there and got sliced up a few more times until he finally decided to use his power, whereupon he immediately won. Wasn't waiting for an opening or anything like that. Just couldn't be bothered, I guess. And the animation was still terrible. Akira's fight wasn't as bad, but I think that's because it was so brief that it could come off at least slightly punchy with the double fake.

The girl was somewhat better, but still quite lacking, and that her power is a lesser copy, but actually also a match that can take the original head on in a DBZ-like beam-off is pretty awful arbitrary nonsense. A few overtures were made to her having to use her power more creatively than Jabba the Mom, but they also did the "point the camera at the sky while violence happens off-screen" schtick multiple times, which is also what they did for shooting the faux-leader for that matter. I guess we're supposed to take it as he was shot, but why should we even care about that dude anyway? Why wasn't Akira just the leader of the swarm of miscreants from the start?

Next Episode:

Wait, we're still fighting that one dude?

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