Fena #03 — Dress Up Montage

August 21st, 2021


Please stop being a joke and/or a brat.


Was it better than the second episode? Absolutely. Was it still mostly screamy and obnoxious? Double absolutely. Really, really, reeeeaaaally screamy. One again has to wonder what the hell is going on with this setting where a submarine cruises straight into port, unloads a literal swarm of screaming ninja teenagers, and nobody even bats an eye. A zippo is unbelievable technology akin to magic, desired by all, but a submarine? Meh. Not worth even noting. All of the writing is remaining quite godawful though. The first shop they walk into is for a dress-up montage. The second shop just happens to have another one of the cell-phone rocks and a dude who knows exactly where they all came from. How fortunate that we got all the story 'development' out of the way in one super convient lucky coincidence!

Thankfully though, it did have at least some of the action promised in the promos, so the episode wasn't a total loss. If those three minutes were the entire episode, I'd be much happier. But they're not. And Fena continues to be a garbage brat, more concerned with her goddamned dress-up montage than being a leader or taking things seriously, which makes the ending bit where they stand around in a circle and say that she proved herself just straight up mystifying as hell. What did she do exactly? Fall on her ass, then get picked up and carried off while shrieking about it? That she bandaged him off-screen? What are we even praising her for? Existing at all seems to still be the sole reason everybody is venerating her, and she's not even good at that. 


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