Battle in Five Seconds #05 — Ginyu Squad

August 9th, 2021


Yeah, that's what the show needed.


It would be nice if this show could figure out what it wants to be. The resetting into new games every couple episodes isn't the worst thing on paper, but the execution where they spend entire episodes reviewing the new rules and situations absolutely is. Not helping matters are things like randomly going into the chibi style or the comic relief goon squad with heads shaped like fruit. Not even subtly. One dude's head is a giant goddamned banana. I'm not sure if this is a sign that its creation was a struggle between multiple people all trying to pull it in different directions, or if it's because one person didn't give the slightest crap about it and just half-assed copied down whatever he saw around the office at the time, which for this episode was an old episode of Dragonball and an RPG manual describing a random village.

It's certainly making a case to just punt entirely on the Sunday to Wednesday span for this season, and even that is assuming that Fena (this Saturday, finally) is decent and/or Jahy pulls itself back from the tedious brink. This was just another really boring, padded out episode. It's not highlighting people using their powers. They're not fighting or struggling. There's factions, slightly larger ones than before. They have bases. Twenty damn minutes for that. There's no reason it needs to be this talky or this slow. It's struggling to even get to the level of Darwin's Game or hell, BakaTest, and that's not a good place to be at.

Next Episode:

Birth control.

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One Lonely Comment

  • ark noir says:

    Best episode yet for me

    * Liked the ginyu crew. thought they were funnier than the rest of the cast.

    * multiple users with the same ability is interesting

    * Ren put some clothes on/ Ren the assassin

    * Nothing wrong with a good glassing due to incompetence. hope the little saibaman get a proper glasgow smile for his troubles.