Sonny Boy #02 — Shoplifters Will Be Incinerated

July 22nd, 2021


Wait, did they just invent bitcoin?


I have a hard enough time remembering baseline anime characters. It's been a month since the first episode, and half the characters here already look identical, and we're I guess just ditching most of the ones that the first episode was based on. Instead, we start with an almost total rewriting of the premise. We're… not in hell, I guess? We're at some kind of nexus of magical worlds, each with their own rules, but most inhabitable, but also the internet still works, they're invulnerable, and they have unlimited credit cards and next day service from Amazon. Uh… right. Okay, sure. I guess we're just running with that. The one consistent thing appears to be the star-boy who is constantly egging other people into evil and murder. Someone should really be looking into that kid.

Anyway, this episode was more about one of the girls who has a thing about privileged/rich people exploiting others, and a rash of fires that they blame on her and decide to attack, torment, and torture her for it. Except that it's pretty obvious from the start that the fires are coming from things that people steal. This is obvious from the opening bit where a girl steals from the bullied girl. It takes 19 minutes to get to the rest of the cast figuring it out, and so they invent money to get around that rule. Uh, a different kind of money from the one they're using to order from interdimensional Amazon. And everybody, even the evil rich kids who were ready to literally murder her, is happy to accept her word that she didn't do it. Which is all leading to the manic pixie girl spontaneously going "Wait, my power is that I know where things are." …Riiiiight.

In any case, just trying to summarize each episode is certainly a form of mental calisthetics, even though I still have really no idea where this show is going or what it's even trying to be or do. Which is far more than I can say for other shows this season, so I guess we're sticking around at least a few episodes more.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    This is my favorite show of the season, also because I have no idea what is trying to accomplish and the rest of the season is crap anyway, maybe it will do something crazy next episode-

  • sanka says:

    They’re not using money for amazon. Mizuho’s power is getting the cats to bring her whatever she wants through “Nyamazon”

    And they accepted that she wasn’t the culprit because of the indian’s guy explanation, they didn’t just take her word for it.

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