Dungeon Sweatshop #03 — Poorly Drawn Faces

July 23rd, 2021


At least her chest didn't boing every time there was a close-up.

Fena finally got an airdate, August 14th, seemingly both subbed and dubbed simultaneously. Well, whatever. It's a Saturday show at any rate.


I don't know how much longer I can deal with this show under the "there is nothing better in the entire Friday to Wednesday span" premise. Two weeks, perhaps, until Fena begins. This episode was just baffling. It's like the show wants to be plot driven, but doesn't want to come up with anything new, so spins its wheels for almost two thirds of the episode under a recycled gimmick. Not even a joke one at that. It begins by introducing a character, who we will not be seeing for the entire first 14 minute segment. A segment which was mostly a re-run of the brainwashing bit in the first episode. If you're waiting for a punchline in that bit, there's not one coming. They get brainwashed, but then it turns out they weren't because they ate some weird herbs. Uh, right. Half an episode well spent.

Eventually, we finally reach Boobs McGee, taking the role of 'hero.' She's ostensibly overly enthusiastic and hyper competent… except because the show doesn't have the budget or the ambition for either of those things, she's actually not really either. She one-shots some random monster and then is immediately one-shot by the behemoth girl, which I guess is the sole joke for the segment? I think we're supposed to see her as extremely clueless, but certainly not to, say, Zapp Brannigan level. And… again, it just kind of unceremoniously ends at what would normally be the setup for a regular comedy episode's plot of the week. Maybe we'll get back to her next week, maybe most of the episode will be spent elsewhere rehashing episode 2.

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