Vivy #11 — Vivy Sits in a Corner For Twenty Minutes

June 5th, 2021


Oh boy, another robot clone.


I was wondering if this being the big final arc meant that the show was going to put any effort into episodes beside the last of each arc, and this one answered that with a resounding no. Well, there were about ten seconds of throwing robots right in the middle, but the other 21 minutes of the episode was just talking heads blathering on interminably while Vivy sits there patiently, waiting for them to finish and tell her what to do. What a strong, independent protagonist. Truly a master of her own destiny. Hell, even the cliffhanger is not predicated on her doing anything. Archive just up and announces that it went full Skynet and… that's it. That's the whole episode.

Anyway, she grabs the professor, runs off to hook up with the terrorists who are apparently now largely reformed and have yet another robot clone of Elizabeth hanging around. Yeah, that's right. You can literally backup robots and make clones of them at will. Toak, the lawless extremist organization, has of course not abused this to create an army. Nor have the good guys used this to create an army of saviors, but I bet this ain't the only robot to be brought back from the dead now that we've decided that's a thing we want to do. By the time they finish explaining all of this, there's only a couple minutes left in the episode which they spend wondering why the crap hit the fan and reviewing the Estella arc until the forementioned announcement of the final boss. We could've gotten to the point where the episode ends before the OP played, Wit, and all we would have missed was trying to rehabilitate the anti-robot KKK and that you're going to be bringing a bunch of characters back from the dead.

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