The Princess of Snow and Blood #12 — Final Battle Not Needed

June 15th, 2021


…And so we're just not having it?


A fitting end for the show, in that it was all about telling Sawa to go sit in the corner and she wailed over her powerlessness only to go obligingly sit in the corner and die with barely a whimper. It really digs the knife in deep by having Jin go fly off to kill the evil Emperor just to show him already on death's door, pathetic, cowardly, and begging for his life while the revolution finally takes down the government, rendering the double-extra regicide absolutely pointless. But sure, it's cool that you finally got around to killing him approximately five minutes before a random mob completely unrelated to you did.

And then, because we fancy ourselves high drama, everybody pretty much spontaneously dies. Dude stands in fire out of a martyr complex and Sawa gets knifed in the kidney by whose-her-face, that mini-boss she beat last week. Yes, yes. Very tragic. Nothing says sad like milking an eight minute death scene for a character who has been checked out for the last two months real time, seven or so months in show time. Truly people struggling for life, cut down in their prime. Except for the part where she spent the last eight episodes wallowing in despair, and even at the end, was still profoundly suicidal. This show completely lost its way after the opening arc and if there were any more episodes, I would absolutely expect them to bring Sawa (and Jun) back to life yet again.  


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  • The Phantom says:

    New season rundown when :D

  • Ark noir says:

    Crows are long lived and generally monogamous. Quote from Google.

    Albino crows are hoes.

    Sawa is technically still a kid so I feel for her getting head fucked like that at every corner but she killed lots and let killers live so she got what she deserved.the rest of the dead but alive cast deserved to live because they weren’t as naive as ghost rider.

  • Anonymous says:

    I love the bit where they leave the 5 year old alone to fend for herself because “it cant be helped, she is stubborn”