Sonny Boy #01 — Lord of the Flies

June 29th, 2021


At least we're not starting the season with slave harems.

Early English pre-air. Actual terrestrial broadcast begins July 15th, so the next episode isn't expected until the 22nd.


I really feel like this should have either leaned in a lot harder to the "everybody has super powers" schtick, or gotten rid of it altogether. They barely use it at all and for most of the episode, one wonders if they actually have powers at all, because nobody's using them for anything, let alone abusing them. We get told they are… offscreen… somewhere. It almost seems for a while like it's going to be crazy star-boy, who never misses a chance to grin maniacally for the camera, abusing some kind of reality warping power, but then they start saying that no, it's a rule because it's inherent to the world, unless we're supposed to take that as him being its god, which maybe he is because they're all dead? In which case, why the super powers at all? What was wrong with regular Lord of the Flies? Are we just chasing a trend for the sake of chasing a trend? Also not helped by it vasicallting between incredibly childish punishments and beating people in the face with a bat, unless that was the point? I'm not sure it was though.

All this is not helped by the B-plot (A-plot?) being a fat load of nothing. All the above is happening on one side of the school. On the other side, an angsty dude angsts while his pixie dream girlfriend… also kind of angsts until she leaps off into the black void, revealing they're in a tropical ocean. The overall take-away here between these things being that it's quite all over the place. The rough art style/animation occasionally works well when it's trying to be unsettling, but does it no favors when instead it's using it for a close-up of a dude's butt while taking a dump. 


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  • The Phantom says:

    I live the art style of this, the char designs the rough animation, I liked it.

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