Seven Knights Revolution #10 — Sith Boobs

June 6th, 2021


Boy, when you're revealed as evil, you really go overtly evil.


Not a hugely interesting or eventful episode. Mostly a lot of hemming and hawwing over whether or not Nemo was really evil while Sophitia kicks the Sith whispering and literal seduction into overdrive. This is a better direction for Nemo's character, to be a bit suicidal and self-loathing rather than confused by the concepts of emotions, but it could just be that he's now being used as a prop instead of the audience surrogate. The whole "he is evil" schtick would probably be a bit more effective if he had gone berserk or something similar at any point, because right now, it's pretty comical how bloodthirsty the tricked good guy faction is. 

Things would have worked a lot better had they shuffled scenes around. Move Faria's investigation of Nemo's non-home village up further in the episode, and have Reda show up to save Nemo at the execution instead, causing the fight and her true ascension or whatever you want to call it there to actually elevate her by fighting multiple people instead of having her job to Faria again (in a fairly poorly animated fight at that) and I guess then just wander off. It would have also made the head-fake with Nemo having killed the real Nemo and taken his form but Faria's still on his side anyway a lot more effective as an ender for the episode to have it preceeded by a bit of (attempts at) excitement rather than a bunch of long, dumb speeches and the world's least subtle evil grins.


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