Vivy #02 — Save the Businessman, Save the World

April 3rd, 2021


Did we really need to yell LOGIC BOMB about the electrified impact 'nade?


Yeah, that's way more like it, even if the budget was a bit oddly prioritized at a number of places. Sure, why not give aaallll the frames to a little bit of her juices spewing out as she shrugs off half a building. Fighting dudes? Nah. We got to animate the ever living hell out of this bit where she runs across a collapsing buidling. Kind of wondering if maybe they just really, really love animating collapsing buildings. Which isn't to say that it was ugly or poorly animated for the other parts, just it's clear where the frame rate kicked into overdrive, and I'm not totally certain why they picked those parts. How about a little kung fu or gun kata instead?

That said, while this episode was definitely a lot more fun than the first and I'm all on board for a badass spy girl fighting terrorists in high octane action, there's not a ton to say. It was kind of a popcorn episode, lots of explosions, running, and reiterating the premise from the previous episode in a much more palatable package. This would have definitely been improved if these two episode had been only one, with almost all of the cutting come from the first episode. I do think introducing being able to hack people's vision and replace it with literally anything they feel like was a bad idea and I hope they just forget it exists. Similarly with her casually having an arm ripped off while practicing fighting. Yeah, she's a robot, grievous bodily harm was going to happen eventually, but we could have saved that for a better moment. Or any moment. Also a bit unclear what they're doing with that one non-generic non-boss on the terrorist side. Is he going to be a recurring character? Design and the building-falling meet-cute screams (racist) love interest, but I really don't think that's what the show needs.

Next Episode:

Meet the robo harem.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fede says:

    I think the hacking thing is fine. You can counter it by just taking off your glasses, which they did. I thought it was a creative way to show us what Matsumoto is capable of. Vivy getting her arm ripped off is a perfect scene though, and I’m not sure what you mean by saving that for a “better moment”. It reveals more about Matsumoto and Vivy’s relationship and their different ways of thinking. Matsumoto’s only mission is to prevent the future uprising, but Vivy wants as many people as possible to come see her sing. Helping Matsumoto with his mission just happens to align with her mission, so she goes along with it. Also, before this scene (13:40), Vivy said she would fulfil her mission AND Matsumoto’s mission, but we see that Matsumoto actively prevents Vivy from fulfilling hers when he stops her from saving the plane. Ironically, Matsumoto sees Vivy as breaking their earlier handshake agreement when she tries to save the plane, when it’s the other way around. Maybe the way I explained my thoughts is confusing but I think it gives insight into what kind of characters they both are.

    Anyways, like everyone else has said, the art is really good and so is the plot. . I want to see how the chairman and Toak soldier end up as well, so I hope they show up again. I’m super excited to see where this show goes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I suspect the saved boy might be the professor

  • The Phantom says:

    It reminds me of ghost in the shell, that’s a very big compliment and I think this may be the best show of the season, the visuals are superb.