Burning Kabaddi #01 — Mico Mico Douga

April 2nd, 2021


I don't think this show actually knows anything about streaming or kabaddi.


I didn't expect this to be good, but good lord, it's almost fascinating just for how badly put together it is. The main character is a misanthropic streamer who's also a famous former soccer player. He is desired by all the sports clubs and constantly being harassed to join them and always says no, but is terrified that people find out he streams, AND immediately jumps to any and all taunts. He's also bribed by the dude creating a handful of fake accounts because this will be how he hits the big time. It's like both they know nothing about the internet, nor expect their audience to know anything about it either.

The idiocy carries over to the bits where they're playing kabaddi too. They go to this big explanation of how you need to tag someone and then quickly run away, which is followed by demonstrating it. The demonstration has STRUGGLE blasted across screen, then the guys tagged simply stand there and declare "Oh, we're in struggle now. We are now supposed to stop him from getting back to his side." I'm serious. They just stand there and re-explain the rules of the game to each other. This thing happens over and over. It's possible the creators don't really understand the game either and just glommed onto "STRUGGLE" as something they could slap on screen in a still before calling it a day.

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