Back Arrow #16 — Party Guests

April 23rd, 2021


I can't remember if this dude has actually done anything to this point.


First half absolutely reeked of pointless filler. Granedger, now a bit later and its own country, throws a, uh, sovereignity banquet and literally everybody is invited. Random bandits? Sure. Corrupt nobles? Of course. Dignitaries from the countries we're rebelling from? Obviously. Random enslaved experimented-on children? Dudes, don't even bother putting on pants. Come as you are. Random shadowy dude hiding in a cloak? Everybody's welcome! Have a canapé. 

Which isn't to say that the second half was much better. I am exceptionally tired of Ren's obnoxious schtick. "I am overcome with rage and will threaten to murder Shu at every opportunity, but not until I convince everybody else within a half mile radius of my own self-righteousness." Get on with it or drop it already. Meanwhile, Team Clown unearthed their own battleship and handed it to that one corrupt dude to… nuke his own capital while all the leaders are away. I'm skeptical of the wisdom of your master plan here, clown guys. At least one of the party guests brought with them a reminder that there's the whole wall thing we were supposed to be getting to at some point.  


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