Back Arrow #09 — Urine Trouble

March 5th, 2021


Surprise backstory hour.


Are we really going to be stuck here in this idiot kingdom for an extended arc? If we are, why are we doing cutaways to Ro3K land to watch some random thug job to the Emperor? How many random people in the cast are going to be secret runaway royalty who just didn't feel like mentioning it before this point? Why are we including Bit in these scenes if you're just going to have him scream about how badly he needs to take a piss? 

Another very slow, very uneventful episode, I suspect because we've got to pad this out until the end of the season. They run away from Lizard Princess at the start and then… nothing. Like, all progression in the episode comes to a halt about seven minutes into the episode and the rest of it is dudes in rooms giving their backstories, or the little goofy show of the Emperor flexing against some random clown. Were we supposed to take that seriously, or was it supposed to be more of a Commodus vs Maximus kind of deal? I assume the former, but a decrepit dude waving his hand once and the burly mech man falling over isn't the display of martial might they think.


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