Wonder Egg Priority #02 — Paint Lactation

January 19th, 2021


Really not necessary.


I think what this show really needs at the moment is to show that these dream fights are actually having some kind of effect. The Gospel of Uncle Ben meets Persona thing that it's doing is solid enough, although I think we could have done without the ogre woman with floppy boobs who shoots paint from them, and it really seems like the kind of thing where they'd rolling the saving of one girl into her helping save the next, but it's not really clear what murdering the monster avatars of abusive people actually does, or if it's all some kind of delusion for her own self-satisfaction of wanting to see herself as a hero. On the other hand, we have the whole other egg girl bit, which couldn't be less subtle if it was painted on a charging elephant. It was also pretty shoehorned in.

It was still a strong second episode. Like I said, I dig its core schtick and am very pleasantly surprised at its continued focus on being an action show. I just think it needs to do a little bit better job making the case that A.) What they're doing actually matters since it's all incredibly surreal and dream-like, and B.) They really need to justify where this whole wish thing came from. I also feel like we could have just left the suicide girl as where she already was, but apparently we're going to be over-melodrama-ing the ever-living hell out of it, with imputations that she was sexually assaulted as well as sleeping with one of the teachers. Less is more. We've already got the important part. Don't ruin it by making it into a total soap opera.


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One Lonely Comment

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    I’m feeling adventurous and guessing that Ai “saving” people results in them dying/vanishing instead, hence the difference in damage treatment between the girl she saved in the first episode & Ai and this episode’s girl asking her to remember her. The entire “I wish we could have met earlier and have become friends” speech would make a lot more sense too that way, since usually, you’d instead expect her to ask her to become her friend.

    If I were to take a guess, it’s about helping their souls to move on by beating the social commentary trauma monster of the weak. The egg would be symbolism of (re-)birth/reincarnation then. Speculating on a Death Parade/Angel Beats! twist.

    The overarching plot is probably going to be about the living (Ai and friends) overcoming their own traumas and moving on from the dead whereas the school girl Persona bits are a means to an end for self-discovery. Yada yada, coming of age drama, yada yada, social commentary. Kinda like that.

    I just really hope it’s not that because that would be really generic.