Monster Incidents #02 — Pumped Up Kicks

January 17th, 2021


Don't steal shoes or guilt bugs will eat you.


Consider this a catch-all for this show, Idoly Pride, and Jobless Reincarnation. I semi-watched all three of them, and this was the least objectionable episode of the three. One of them was more focused on a gatling gun style barrage of girls to fill out the harem , abandoning its heavy dramatic angle to just go for the usual "they all live together and get into hijinks because a boy and his ghost girlfriend lives with them too." The other just straight up decided it was done with any pretense of time moving forward and redid the training portion at the end of the first episode, except stretched out a full twenty minutes. Less time spent being a disturbing lecher though, I suppose. Oh, wait, there was a bit of him stealing her underwear after peeping on her masturbating. Which is only the second masturbation scene of the episode, at less than five minutes in. Yeah, we're 1500% done with that noise.

This episode was similarly just really boring. It had all the excitement of going to someone's house and getting a tour of three whole rooms. Eventually, they were called away to the monster of the week, a swarm of bugs. So… being immune to bugs, he walked in and de-swarmed it. After everything is resolved, it does a big flashback to explain it all, because oops, we forgot that, apparently! Not exactly hitting the compelling or thrilling angles here, guys. But it tried something, which is more than can be said for the other two shows. I highly doubt I'll be checking in with any of these more than just a brief glance next week to see if any of them will bother to try. 

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