Cells at Work – Black #01 — Super Serious

January 7th, 2021


Because we removed all the yelling and insert songs.

Again, actual broadcast of this isn't until the 9th. English subtitled webcast came up today though. Not sure if that'll continue going forward or it'll match the Japanese schedule going forward.


To call this a 'darker' or 'more adult' version of Cells at Work would be akin to calling the Hardy Boys a more adult version of Scooby Doo. Yeah, the expected age range is certainly bumped up a little bit, and there aren't going to be any bad puns, goofy slapstick, or cameos from the Harlem Globetrotters, but that's largely because it removed all the goofy exaggerated reaction faces. And yes, the Hardy Boys did car bomb a main character's girlfriend, killing her, so I consider that comparison apt. Don't try to Hardy-splain me. I will bury you. Then again, it did give the female main character a giant chest which gets shoved in the dude's face for him to gawk at, so any overtures of how super serious this is also have to deal with that.

This does seem to be where all the production effort ended up between the two iterations of the show. It's still a far cry even from average, let alone impressive, but a slight modicum of effort is present in a scene here and there. Of the two flavors of the same thing, it feels a little more palatable, but that could just be because it's slightly more different while the other suffers badly from doing the same episode over and over, especially with its first episode back being a carbon copy of a previous episode. Or maybe it's just the better production. Or maybe it's just benefitting from how obnoxious the 'comedy' in the other is, and so its removal helps. I'm not committing to either yet, but this is definitely the better flavor of the two from today.

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  • jgoi says:

    I want to watch this but I read some chapters of the manga. The violence will be fine but the stuff I care for most it’s definitely getting toned down (WBC girl gets almost stripped nude, the next episode should have a topless girl but…) and I have no tolerance for this censor-shit anymore.