Back Arrow #02 — Inflatable Men

January 15th, 2021


Still not sure what that was all about.

I did glance at the second episode of the spider thing. It moved the randos to the front, changed out the CGI frog for a CGI snake, and doubled the number of status screens. Fantastic. Tomozaki's second episode didn't have a horrid speech, but it was also pretty saccharinely ridiculous in that it went maximum harem and every single girl he interacted with immediately loved him, with the only 'conflict' being that one dude being a jerk. So the girl jumped in and called him a loser who was dumped for being a loser, and everybody, including him, laughed about it and went back to being super besties. Not quite a compelling drama.


With the level of bonkers-ness set pretty high by the first episode, this one ends up fairly disappointing and boring. The most interesting and amusing parts of the episode are the quite random minor things it does I suspect without even thinking. Like when you punch the fancy dude, he puffs up like a blowfish and loses all gravity. Why? I have no idea. The village kids also followed up last week's game of "jump off cliffs" with "beat each other in the head with logs." So, sure, you can give a big speech about how deadly the world is, and how you're all just barely surviving, but I think I can point to a few other reasons besides just "the world is dangerous."

But like I said, it was a pretty boring episode. It introduced a princess. The other fancy dudes introduced themselves and then quite literally just wandered off. Then in the final five minutes of the episode, rich dudes decided to wipe out the village to make room for the new railroad or something, so they sent a bandito to fight. How this village has survived at all with apparently daily attacks of giant mechs is a mystery. I also can't help but wonder if any of the women in the show are ever going to be anything but a joke. It's sure looking unlikely so far.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I liked the episode, quite fun in my opinion in a nostalgic and old-fashioned action/adventure way, but then again for me it’s obviously taking some time for all the pieces to come together and I don’t mind that.

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