Princess Connect #12 — Participation Award

June 22nd, 2020


Holding pattern episode part 4.


I have a hard time deciding which is the dumbest part of the episode, but I think it has to go to them trying to hype-man Yuuki. Out of nowhere, they start talking about how great he is and how awesome he just did in beating that raid boss, despite having done literally nothing. That wouldn't be enough to win out over the shocking reveal that the girl dressed like a princess, wearing a tiara, and is constantly screaming things like "Princess Attack!" is… a princess, but it would be followed up later by him saving the day thanks to his power of… standing there, grunting, and then passing out, which is what led to the series of 'surprise' reveals of all the most idiotically obvious things in the show.

In the end, that leaves us with an episode that didn't actually advance anything. They fought a random monster, ridiculously overanimated for some reason, and then fought another random monster, and by magic were teleported off to Exposition Castle or something, for all the non-secrets to I guess be explained next week. Note that we didn't set up any kind of last boss, any personal conflict to overcome, any challenge threatening them or the world. Hell, the ostensible big bad who is sending random monsters every fourth episode or so didn't even show up this week. But I guess we're pretending that there's some kind of overarching plot now. I miss the derpwolves. They died before their time.


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