Princess Connect #04 — Table Fetish

April 27th, 2020


I really, really miss the derpwolves.


Yeah, that's what the show needed; another top heavy imbecile who is constantly screaming. No, wait. Two top heavy imbeciles who are constantly screaming. Granted, one spends most of the time as a giant alpaca, but it was only a matter of time before it ended up sexualized. Couldn't we have just listened to the Horie Yui character not scream? Why were any of these ninnies even in the episode at all? One popped up just to tell her backstory and explain the concept of shopping. Another just to flounce around and scream her bloody head off. Only the stupid llama even interacted with the (ugh) conflict of the episode, which were some random thugs who jumped them and then got exploded off screen. I guess the budget's run out.

Meanwhile, over in the B plot, the protagonist falls off a chair and that seems like enough of an excuse for the distance members of the harem to bestow additional powers on him. What powers? Who knows. Why? Who knows. What does he do with it? Flexes and then starts rubbing his face against a table before struggling to fit it through a door that it very clearly could have fit through, but maybe that's also because the bottom-brace kept inexplicably appearing and disappearing from it. Magic tables, man. Or inattentive artists. Take your pick. At least it was a repreive from being screamed incoherently at.

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