Listeners #04 — Tiny Naked Fat Man

April 24th, 2020


The most interesting part of the episode.

Appare-Ranman finally got around to its third episode this week. They cheated at a drag race so they could win a car off a spoiled brat. Still haven't made it to the actual race that was the pitch of the show though. And pretty sure that even if it wasn't going on pandemic hiatus, next episode wasn't going to get there either.


At least this week didn't even with someone glowing and exploding. Instead, it was the protagonist going "You're my friend!" which was enough to rouse them out of their drug-addled haze and go "Wait, friend!?" and then they just up and flew away into the sunset. The whole high school thing? Just there to pass the time by getting a chance to go through some cliches and explain it. The drug stuff? Same thing. Could've been cut and none of the episode would be different. The rich kid pulling a knife? I guess because the episode lacked anybody who was there to be a petty evil thug for no earthly reason. 

I think this episode was likely bad enough for me to throw in the towel. I may check out next week's, but only a glance, and it would have to be wall to wall action, none of which was shown in the preview. As a love letter to music, it fails because all it really wants to do is throw out weird terms. As an action show, it keeps skipping over the action and barely animating it when it does exist. As a… drama (???), the characters are all ninnies and the plots completely insubstantial.

Next Episode:

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