Gleipnir #03 — Buy More CalorieMate

April 19th, 2020


Great and subtle product placement.


Guess they blew the budget last week. Hopefully they pick up the action again quickly, since this was a rather dull episode that spent the first half meandering aimlessly, and the second half mostly arguing with itself. The dumbest part may be that they spent a bunch of time verbalizing and explaining the rules for her controlling him, only for them to be that the rules are all made up on the fly and don't matter anyway. Thanks. Time well spent, show. I feel very much educated now. The second dumbest may have been the sister apologizing for doing an unnamed act at the end, which they immediately took to mean the one specific thing about the person she didn't know was there. I'm sorry. Didn't we just have multiple paragraphs about how she's a serial killer, arsonist, and monster? Ya think it could have been anything else? So the reveal that she's also an obsessed stalker talking about something else entirely isn't much of a twist.

Shuichi continues to unsurprisingly be the worst of it though. He almost seems like he's about to turn the corner as he declares that they have to stop serial killers and solve this mystery, then as soon as they're confronted with a serial killer whose very presence makes him retch with all the killing she's killed, it's right back to whining that maybe they don't need to stop anybody, and wouldn't it be best if we spent the last five minutes of the episode staring blankly as we're monologued at be an obviously unhinged lunatic. But she's faaaaaamily. No excuses offered like it was all an accident, or there must be more to the story. Just "but she's your sister!"  


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