Animal Fun Facts #12 — Foxy Boxing

March 23rd, 2020


Background artists got the week off, I think.


What really confuses me here is that the mole rat never showed up. Wasn't her whole schtick about animals living in harmony? Wasn't she the only one with any kind of character growth at all? Isn't this the last episode so they'd want to bring back all the most fanservicey things for maximum send-off fanservice? I guess not. We'll put the rest of the cast in bikinis and parade them around, but not the mole rat. It all just boiled down to Yay Friends for the seventeenth time anyway. Didn't even try to make a parallel comparison between Jin and An, let alone have him finally learn a lesson about not being a racist genocidal dingbat with dreams of a racially pure utopia. I really hope next season has some protagonists that aren't godawful.

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  • gedata says:

    I guess we’re just going to ignore how Neanderthals were assimilated into humanity due to their weaker genes and that they also hunted Mammoths plenty.