Animal Fun Facts #11 — Lots About Poop

March 16th, 2020


I'm just amazed they didn't re-explain the hyena jaws thing when given the chance.

Bonus post tomorrow on some minor personal stuff and plans for the foreseeable future regarding posting and the like in what is apparently going to be our new normal in the world. 


I'm still having trouble figuring out why they thought extinct animals was a good approach for the ultimate antagonists when dinosaurs have been roaming the school the entire time as a force of good. You can't even say that it's animals that humans wiped out because they explicitly call out that that's not the case here as practically the first thing they do in this episode's dismantling of any kind of dramatic or meaningful angle by revealing that the whole antagonist club are a bunch of inept goofballs. And yet, somehow does not include a dodo. But does include animals that aren't actually extinct. And are still astonishingly trying to tease out what the stupid missing link really is.

Then again, it's not like the protagonists are even really bothering to show up for this arc either except to play the part of damsels in distress, including Jin, so any hope for a grand epiphany or them to finally become even slightly rounded characters is dead on arrival. At least there were more animal fun facts than usual, even if a particularly large number of them were about animals that eat poop. I think we found a writer's fetish.

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