Animal Fun Facts #10 — Missing Link

March 9th, 2020


They don't think much of their audience's education, do they?


Missed opportunities abounded this week, which is a little ironic because I guess someone finally told them about the panda porn thing. The huge one is with Hitomi and the new 'human' girl. Hitomi, a character with zero interest in the male character so far, plastered with female symbols, who wastes no time in getting the new girl naked and in bed. Not quite undertones here so much as a brick to the face. One that is apparently entirely unintentional though. And potentially almost a clever one too, since it's certainly a theory that the neanderthrals were made extinct by interbreeding with humans. Oh, did I mention that the new 'human' girl is actually a neanderthal? 'Cause the show didn't quite there. The human-like girl, except is super primative and obsessed about extinction? The show thinks it's playing it coy, because that reveal didn't even goddamned come this week. I was wondering if they were really going to not get to it, then it went over to her extinction club and I breathed a sigh of relief, only for it to still not come.

As for the rest, I continue to find the zebra Magic The Gathering and the lion storyline far more compelling than the other things. Jin said something abusive, as he does literally every time he opens his mouth, but this time, someone took his racist genocidal tendencies seriously, so here's a whole dramatic thirty seconds over it. Couldn't we have at least put Ranka in a diaper like they actually do with dogs in heat? Or made fun of him for what I suspect people would probably call his racist-dere attitude? Nah. He makes an overture that she should appreciate him despite his abuse and everyone squeals in glee. Happily ever after.

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