Terrible MMO #08 — Now She’s Two Giant Robots

February 26th, 2020


Can't help but remind myself that this is exactly what Dendogram was.


I'd be lying if I said that I paid any actual attention to this. My phone was out. I browsed recipes looking for a good crispy chicken thing to go with rice for dinner, and am probably going with a standard quasi-Asian honey soy schtick, but maybe a peanut sauce if the mood takes me. Maybe some garlic too, because garlic goes great with everything.

As for the episode, they put on fanservice constumes, then she became a robot, then she bragged about becoming a robot while they all went "Wow. She's so cool." Then she went somewhere else and became a slightly different kind of giant robot. Didn't even fight things really. Only the other characters get to pretend to do that. Hell, the turtle did more fighting than her, which made this almost a damn Pokemon episode of just yelling out the names to attacks while sitting on the sidelines. If this was Sword Art Online or Dendrogram or Shield Hero or whatever, they would have made fewer silly faces and it probably would have been stretched out two or three more episodes. Note that I mentioned nothing about jokes, because there continue to not be any.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fede says:

    there’s no real structure to this show’s plot. Kaede never actually tries to do anything. Things just happen to her. She simply stumbles into one lucky event after another. Our heroine’s life is one long series of happy accidents. this show is so much worse that isekai wa smartphone and kenja no mago

  • ark noir says:

    There’s no need for story in Mmorgs All you ned is rpg elemnts. Oh look thers’ a SLIME. i have Level UP’ed. I learned DUAL WIELD.

    Just read up about buzzwords in advertising.

    We all fall for them in Ads.

    On Maple Sue aka Not Kirito-slime-shield hero. She is an amalgamation of all the mains in isekai styled anime and mmorgs but a girl so the weebs will love her and not care about story.

    P.S aroduc, review indivisible like you said you would and review Aegis Rim as I will never get a PS4 to play it