Interspecies Reviewers #04 — Cooking With Love

February 1st, 2020


Very subtle vaginas drawn on the meat, guys.


The first part was on succubuses, proper succubuses, which in this setting are sex crazed maniacs who only think about having sex with anything and as much of anything as possible, and are crass and gross about it. You would think that they'd be making jokes there comparing them to the main characters, but that angle seems to have gone completely unnoticed by the writers. Instead, they're penned up like a zombie plague, so, again, the angle of unleashing a World War Z of sex crazed thingies is sitting right there, although I am 99% certain that there's already a lot of Japanese porn about sex viruses running rampant. Could've at least gone the Party Rock Anthem route though. They just toss a bunch of pigmen in though and call it over, leaving the best gag for the first half the one succubus who was dry wet humping the wall while demanding they whip out their dicks and slap them upside the face or whatever, which is something I'm not sure will make it through the simulcast censor board.

The second half is also one that begs comparison to another movie, just because the central joke was one of the more memorable scenes of Hot Shots. The salamander girl bit was… the bacon joke of that, plus some vaginas drawn on strips of beef and simulated penetration with sausages while the characters giggled about how that was like sex. Uh, yeah, guys. Thanks for explaining the joke. Could they really not come up with any more food stuff than just those two things? Since they fought a random fire golem, and had a cutaway to the harpy waitress bathing, I think the answer is likely yes.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jgoi says:

    That would be Kansen, one of them has cannibalism so not that appealing.

  • JCAll says:

    Well I don’t think you’ll have to worry about the simulcast anymore. It looks like the distributor has dropped it. I guess the last few episodes were too much. *shrug*

  • Jehnsen says:

    Proper succubuses? The show itself states that they are just inma (translated as low level lilims in the manga) and actual succubi are another species.

    Also, that glass humping scene reminded me of this: