In/Spectre #07 — Bottle Episode

February 22nd, 2020


Is it really a bottle episode if every episode is in a bottle?


I had hoped that last week's brief journey to a fair to continue the exposition might be a sign that we're finally leaving the room and might be going out to actually interact with the world in some way again. This episode dashed those hopes against the wall with the entire thing taking place in two whole rooms. That's right. 22 minutes, two whole scenes, split about 4-18. Couldn't even muster up the effort to give the pretense that it was anything but another episode trapped in the rooms via imagined cutaways or flashbacks either. Just almost twenty more straight minutes of listening to the girl drone while the other two stare blankly like gawping fish. And speaking of which, was the best way to draw her empty eye really a gaping black void? 

There's nothing to summarize here and nothing to comment on because the episode itself was free from the burden of having any content. At best, it continued to tease about penis-haver's family member in the hospital who totally definitely isn't the cause behind all of this. This whole arc feels like it should have been two to three episodes at most, yet here we are on the fifth with no end in sight and it's looking like it's going to be stretched out for the entire rest of the season. Great.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Quickly glancing over your screencaps and I think one of my biggest issues with the entire “expositing inside rooms” aspect was the backgrounds. Like, I usually don’t even pay attention to that but as a rule of thumb, when you have talking heads, spice up the visuals. Yet they never do and the background art here is the blandest, most sterile thing ever.

    These beige-colored walls of nothingness just drive me crazy.

  • ark noir says:

    firstly i missed the part when they started dating. main problem is I know someone with one eye and they ain’t walking around with it gaping open unless they doing it on purpose. Maybe she watched Crash and said with teh leg and eye socket ‘any holes a goal’. That’s James Spader’s Crash (with that scene) not the racist one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Tv budgets love her.

    @ ark noir
    The way I saw it she has a black fake eye and then puts a lens on it.