Fun Facts About Sex With Animals #06 — Build a Bride

February 15th, 2020


Was the sprite bit really worth a special ED?


You'd think a segment about having sex with a golem would involve at least a couple jokes about splinters or similar, but we instead decided to go wtih making a simulacra of someone you know to have sex with it. So… the Futurama Lucy Liu episode, except where the only joke is that the person they made a simulacra of is mad about it. What a punchline. I guess at least they sort of poked fun at fake vaginas by having them be disturbing parasites, but even that was more an excuse to have someone moan than poke fun at sticking your dick into the toothy craw of an alien parasite.

The second segment was a little better, if not just because it got a bit weird and ended with a Mario RPG-esque parade with every character spraying stars out of most orifaces. You'd expect a little more meta commentary on the natural censorship of sparklies blasting out of nipples and crotches though, or at the very least, noting that shooting a massive laser from your dick probably makes sex a bit weird and blinding. We were apparently content to just stick to "Yo! Lasers!" Admittedly, that's still odd enough to at least approach humor, but like usual, the fruit hangs so low, yet remains ungrasped.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Milenkov says:

    So is this just softcore porn?