Richard the Jeweler #01 — And Now We Sip Tea For Five Minutes

January 10th, 2020


Facebook stalking never occurred to them?


The reason I didn't get around to that post last night is because I made the mistake of trying to watch this and it put me out cold. What a boring, humdrum, run of the mill twenty minutes of absolute nothing. You see, dude's grandma has a ring that she feels guilty about, so he shows it to a guy who takes him to the woman who it was stolen from and tells him that the tragedy that happened to her actually had nothing at all to do with the ring. Not just that, but everything actually turned out fine. The end. To review: "She tried to kill herself, but lived happily ever after." I'm barely even summarizing! Dude breaks down in tears of gratitude for relieving this burden… on someone else! By looking up a goddamned address.

It's hard to think of ways that this could not be more banal. Or cliche for that matter with saving him from a random pack of dudes out recruiting for Fight Club or something. I went back and checked that scene because for the life of me, I couldn't remember if there was ever a reason given for why they were attacking a random dude on the street, and nope. Or padded with goddamned nothing too while we're at it. After breaking down into tears at what was probably supposed to be the emotional moment of the episode, there were still five minutes left where they just kind of sat around and had tea. If this is meant to be a human interest drama, you should start by having some goddamned interesting humans, not these pointy-chinned bores.


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One Lonely Comment

  • catsb says:

    Kyokou Suiri seems good.

    Richard was indeed boring, got 10m into it and turned it off until the next day. “obviously” this is going to be a gay romance but I don’t see the hook or the “danger” like when they are actors,mangaka,etc they have something to lose but what does a jewelry have to lose? Do I care to find out, do I care about Mc and his mama drama? Im not sure. I guess since he is not part time worker at the jewelry store, each ep someone will bring some bling with a drama attached to it?

    only comfort for me in this “human drama” was that grandma is already dead so at least she would not be absolved.