Infinite Dendrogram #02 — Me and My Dutch Wife

January 16th, 2020


I don't like Thursdays much either.


Continuing our trend, this will be the combo post for Hatena, Somali, and this. Somali bored me for a second week and signaled that it would just be continuing with both being over-idealized pictures of perfection, facing no challenges, growth, or even interesting people by spending the whole episode buddying it up with another family. Hatena's already weak cliffhanger was resolved within a minute of the episode starting by her pratfalling onto the protagonist, leading to an exposition dump about how magic exists and her mom's MIA… you know, the only two things it revealed last week, whereupon it spent the remaining 15 minutes of the episode doing the thing that no other anime has ever done, going to school. Not even goddamned magic school. So much for the premise.

This, on the other hand, surpassed both of them by boring and irritating me, although to be fair, Hatena was plenty boring too. The most inexplicable scene was when they came across a dude and his own sex doll struggling with some mobs and said "Well, we can't just help them. That'd be rude and they'd hate that." So instead, he casts a full heal on them, and they go "Oh, hell yeah! Someone helped us! It's great to help out!" And then they all go out for cake. Monkeys on typewriters. The most awful part was when he took on a monster swarm he couldn't handle and died, which gave him a 24 hour ban. Upon logging back in, he had to apologize to his tearful slave wife because she was so sad that she failed him. Good god. At least recognize that this wouldn't be healthy even if they were living, breathing people, not one MMO-addicted teenager and a 48 hour old procedurally generated Dutch wife.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anise_punter says:

    Can’t say I was impressed with this one either, perhaps they set the bar too high with guy in a bear costume with a giant machine gun.

  • NeclordX says:

    If you want some logic, I guess one could argue that helping them killing the enemies would “steal” their exp and drop but healing them doesn’t.
    Although, I guess is kinda pointless to bring any sort of actual game logic to this “””game”””