Animal Fun Facts #04 — More Hyena Penis Lessons

January 27th, 2020


Was there a big hyena PSA a few months back that I missed?


I'm loathe to wade into the minefield of gender politics, but when you have a transgender character here where the punchline that the episode ends on is "At last you've awoken to your real gender, and we have all the prettiest dresses ready for you," staying clear of that minefield is probably as much of a stance as leaping headfirst into it. Especially when they could've just gone the route of some really goofy jokes, like Parent-Child Banana Hammocks for the discerning but well-hung hyena pair who wants to bond with their child. Also, why even was the naked mole rate upset about the stripping? She showed up this episode for that single joke, and it's the complete opposite of her schtick from last week about being embarrassed about people wearing pants.

Besides, there's way more dumb about this episode that just cultural gender politics stuff. It was essentially another split episode, with zero interaction or relationship between the two parts. The wolf's sister showed up for the first half, declared that she was the wolf's sister, and… that was sort of it. A couple fun facts about her being big, I guess? They blew her joke about wanting to bone her sister before she was even on screen, and that came after a bunch of other exposition tied to last week's episode that also went cast off by the wayside as soon as it was introduced, leaving just the same song and dance the wolf has been doing since two minutes into the first episode. Can we at least have the semblance of a narrative here, guys? Or at least a little variety? Maybe a different speech from the wolf? Or are we just going to be one to two animal facts, five minutes of the same joke, and five minutes of the wolf giving the same speech for the rest of the show's run? …Don't answer that, I already know.

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  • NeclordX says:

    Japanese just love the hyena trivia. Killing bites (the manga) also uses it a lot.