BEM #12 — The Mighty Power of a River

October 14th, 2019


That takes care of that problem forever, said nobody.


I may have legitimately forgotten this existed yesterday. It's probably for the best since this episode got weird pretty fast. Turns out the magic bullet was not magic at all, which prompted the one dude into another crazy rant about genocide, but this time, he said the city was bad because it had monsters in it, so everyone was like "Yeah, this dude's crazy." Funny how that works when it's being pointed at you. Then it turns out that Whose-Her-Face wants to have some kind of death sex with Bem, which will kill them both and cause a nuclear meltdown, so now they must kung-fu fight. The lesson here is that immortality is scary unless you have friends and/or a family. Uh, having some trouble understanding how we got from one thing to the next. Also, they ditched all their friends, so… I guess just the family part?

Anyway, they drop her in the river and are just like "Welp, that takes care of that. No immortal super-monster could ever get out of a river." That jives perfectly with how everyone just let the mad scientist who spent the entire show's run creating a parade of serial killers and mass murderers simply wander off and nobody gave a whit. And how they dumped a super-powered witch-baby into someone's lap, I guess forgetting the international multi-government black ops people constantly hunting her. Guess they've stopped caring about her too. As for Daryl? Not even sure. I guess the Illuminati is having him take over the city? Oh, right. Did I mention that the Illuminati still controls everything? Good lord, writers. What a resolution.

Final Thoughts

The writing started out okay with the big problems being budget/production stuff (especially with one early episode apparently needing to be scrapped) and particularly goofy monster designs. Around the halfway point when it was done with character introductions and tried to have a main plot, things went completely bonkers and off the rails while the production woes only got worse. Just look at the summary above. None of that makes an iota of sense and half of it was dragged out of their asses in this very episode. All the shows about being a monster/made of magic and finding humanity this season ended up fumbling around badly with establishing the dramatic elements, especially in character relationships and connections, to make it work, and this was probably the one that had the smallest budget and got the weirdest at the end.

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