Symphogear XV #12 — The Music Meister

September 21st, 2019


Every time you think it can't get stupider…


For a moment, I legitimately wondered if they were going to have the 'final boss' here job to Carol and then spawn yet another supposedly God fetus that would be defeated in a single punch. 'Luckily', and yes, I am abusing the hell out of sarcasm quotes right now, Carol lost. Not because she was out-fought, mind you. Shem-ha face tanked it and the explosion from her own attack knocked her out. That's right. The way we're selling the main antagonist as a super threat is by having the last boss from two seasons ago accidentally knock herself out. That gives her the opportunity to crib from a third tier Batman villain's playbook. Yeah, that's her big plan, except without Neil Patrick Harris, the action sequence, the larceny, the choreography, or even a main protagonist succumbing to it. The scene of her grand triumph? A montage of people looking euphorically up at the sky blissfully. This falls pretty short of previous antagonist acts of mass murdering via fruit-monsters or trying to crash the moon into the planet. I'll also remind you that at 12 episodes in, not a single antagonist has won a single exchange with anybody, let alone a battle. Carol knocking herself out is the closest we've come to a win.

Meanwhile, on the reptite moonbase, and yes, that is a phrase that still makes no sense even in context, the sub-bosses continue to get the short end of the stick, but in brand new and even stupider ways than before. Vanessa's 'big' final bit is… uh… armoring up her legs, I guess? Turning into a cocoon? Whatever it is, it shocking doesn't work at all, then getting mindjacked and begging to be killed, after which, all of them enter the Serpent Road back to the Earth, where the sub-bosses disintegrate into sparklies to sad music while the protagonists all talk about how they'll carry on their hopes and dreams. I guess we've just forgotten all those people they murdered for the sheer glee of murdering. Oh, and did I mention that after losing last week, the succubus one has turned into some kind of mutant chibi creature? Because that happened too. I legitimately wonder if the writers and director are just seeing what they can get away with at this point.


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